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Leaders in youth development

Gateway Youth Foundation is an NPO that strives to equip the youth to reach their full potential. When you impart knowledge you can make an impact, when you equip others to become leaders and mentors you change schools, communities and a nation. GYF believes in equipping and mentoring.

We equip and enable learners to become value driven leaders and mentors. It is not merely about imparting knowledge, but about getting the youth actively involved. After the learners are trained they begin by creating a Value driven Culture in schools. It is not merely about meetings, but creating a Value driven lifestyle. They then begin Support Groups where learners encourage, motivate and mentor one another. Various Projects are launched in which learners show their appreciation to those around them and impact their community.

Learners begin to focus outwardly knowing that the world does not owe them anything, but they owe the world themselves.

  • we support

    Gateway supports and mentors educators that are willing and available, walking alongside them giving them strategies and helping them to implement it.

    Gateway offers many supportive courses, events and camps to schools to further equip, motivate and encourage learners to reach their full potential while touching and transforming their community.

  • our vision

    To Equip, Develop and Encourage the Youth to Reach their Full Potential. Gateway firmly believes that in order for someone to change, impartation can only take place through an established, trusting relationship.

    Through the establishing of an action team consisting of educators, local pastors, youth workers and volunteers transformation is ignited.

    The learners themselves are therefore trained and mobilized in partnership with the teachers, ministers and parents to put the process in motion.

  • our mission

    Gateway offers a well-developed Strategic Action-plan that is implemented through a Mentor-Based Transformation process.

    Starting with the individual, we focus on Personal and Leadership Development and then expand our impact through Support Groups and Community projects.We encourage the young people to have an outward focus with these groups, teaching them to do with others what they learn and in such a way, serve others.

    Training is provided to the learners to equip them with the necessary skills to do this.

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