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Fulfilling the Vision of "Equipping, Developing and Encouraging the Youth to reach their full Potential" does not come easy. The entire project is based on building lasting relationships with students. In order to do this mentors are allocated to every school committing to visit the school twice a month. They impart knowledge, assist and guide the educators in the implementation of the action plan. GATEWAY firmly believes that in order for someone to change, impartation is needed and impartation can only take place after a trusting relationship has been established.

The youth of this country want to change, the youth of this country CAN change, and one by one, given the opportunity GATEWAY will continue to Equip, Develop and Encourage the Youth, and will not rest until we see them reach their full potential.

To do this we rely and the School Governing Body, businesses in the community and even churches to fund the project and support us to create a sustainable plan to transform the community as a whole.

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