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PHONE         082 331 8594

we'd love to hear from you

If you would like volunteer or get involved in any other way, please write to us and supply
us with your details. A Gateway representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


strategic action plan

We understand that your school has a purpose which it needs to accomplish with limited time and resources.

Gateway acknowledges and honours this by serving your school or organization with a well developed, time proven, Strategic Action-plan, backed by an effective support system. From day one, every step counts!

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the future of gateway

In Gateway we do everything in which we engage, with the foundation of relationship.
We strive that relationship takes the first and highest priority in all our dealings with people.

We see our future the same way:

Focusing on excellence in service of every school that joins our Mentor and Support Program and not chasing the number of new schools,
but rather excellence per school.

Every school must be handled in such a way, that the focus is depth in relationship and growth.

We want to help cause transformation in every school. Seeing an entire school transformed is what motivates us.

how can i contribute?

You can contribute by making a direct payment or debit order.
Rest assured that your contribution will be managed efficiently
and correctly, and will be accounted for.



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